Private lessons available for individuals and groups, covering a wide range of topics from basic movement mechanics to the artistry of leading and following in partnership and community. 

Private Lessons for Individuals and Partners

Private lessons provide a safe and supportive space to develop a wide range of skills, as a complement to group classes, as a more convenient scheduling option, and as a means to delve more deeply into any aspect of the styles.  For absolute beginners and experienced dancers, aficionados and professionals.  All ages, backgrounds, and movement/dance goals supported and encouraged.

*  Basic coordination, rhythm, balance, and body awareness

*  Expressive quality specific to Cuban Salsa, Son, Rumba, and Afro-Cuban Dance

*  Lead and follow skills

*  Dance vocabulary and repertoire

Private Lessons for Groups

In addition to covering the dance-specific topics listed above, participants in groups explore the mechanics and inherent challenges of leading and following including call and response, listening with the whole mind/body, and relationship to self, other, and community.

Please email Rebecca for scheduling and prices: