Six or eight Week Beginner Workshop

The Six or Eight Week Beginner Workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of Cuban Salsa ("Casino") and Afro-Cuban rhythm and movement.  Basics covered include lead and follow skills, steps and turn patterns, dance fundamentals, and listening to and understanding the music.  The workshop format ensures continued weekly progress and the chance to connect (and laugh a lot!) with your group.  Classes are relaxed and focused, fun and challenging.  Students will learn a bit about Casino history and contemporary expression as the series progresses.  For complete beginners, experienced dancers of other styles, and Salsa dancers who would like to renew their connection to the basics.

Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Workshops

The Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Workshops are ongoing four-week cycles for students who have completed the beginner series and want to go deeper into all aspects of the style.  Students continue to explore their personal connection to the music, develop their artistry, deepen their experience of leading and following, and have more fun as they improve their skills.


This four week workshop introduces dancers to the poetry and subtlety of traditional Son Cubano.  Born in the eastern, mountainous region of Cuba, Son traveled to the urban areas and eventually contributed it's rhythm, form, and sensuous expressive qualities to the modern expression of Salsa dancing seen all over the world today.  In combination with other popular forms on the island, Son is one of the essential points of departure for contemporary Cuban Salsa "Casino" and Rueda de Casino.  As Casino's slower, and subtler precursor, Son shows the devoted dance student the essence of form, connection, and Afro-Cuban sensibility.