Beautiful social dancing starts with the individual dancer. The more each dancer is at home in their body, in the music, and in their own dance, the more fun they will have dancing with another person. When leaders and followers dance with generosity and freedom, the lead starts to disappear as two dancers meet each other for a shared experience.

Style is personal, and starts with feeling more relaxed, comfortable, and confident just walking down the street. The beautiful, natural lines of the human body are revealed by slowing down and moving through the world with more awareness of our senses and surroundings. Walking is our first dance! Then – from this simplicity – we each bring our own lil' (or big) swagger. Creativity and expression are what street dance is all about.

In addition to being about skill and artistry, salsa is social: class parties, clubs, house parties, and other social events are part of the experience.  Dance comes from LIFE. Learning steps and turn patterns in a studio is just a way in. The rest is how we live the forms throughout our days and nights.