"I LOVE your teaching style. It is very loving and very simple... refined to what you need to understand. The dance is not simple, so it's good that your teaching style is. (Simple in the zen way.)" 

- Farai Chideya, Author, Journalist, Professor

"Rebecca's class is a hidden gem.  In the midst of the fast walker, fast talkers of New York City, this space provides a genuine community where you can slow down and get funky!  I am so grateful to have become a part of the SalsaBliss family.  Rebecca's teaching style pays great attention to body awareness and developing a fluid conversation with your partner.  I've begun to understand the balance between control and just letting go!  Dancing with Becky and her wonderful students has improved my life in so many ways."

- Kate

"I just wanted to let you know that I love and appreciate your classes - the way it starts, progresses and ends… … the playfulness of the walking and moving around the room is amazing...

Your class is a joyful-sacred time and place for me… so a sincere thank you."

- Serkan

"Greetings from Paris!  Just to thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher.  Your hints and suggestions inspire us daily...we refer to you whenever we slide on our dancing shoes so we are even more motivated now!"

- Natasha, "Salsa Princess," Attorney

"I just wanted to let you know how much everything you have taught me has meant to me.  It's something that I will take with me always...I always enjoyed your little lectures on dance and how it relates to life or the history of Cuban music/dance and how it relates to modern salsa today."

- Vin, Salsero, Data Analyst  

"This class has meant so much to me over the years.  First of all, the class feels good.  When I started, I knew in my bones that I loved dancing but had never been able to express that on a dance floor.  I was also hesitant to put myself out there creatively in any way.  Not only do I now love expressing myself creatively on the dance floor, but the creativity carries over to the rest of my life.  My brain also seems to have been rewired and is healthier.  I can remember complex choreographic patterns that I would never have been able to in the past…and the class is also special to me because it's where I met my beautiful wife."

- Frank Hardart, Owner, Educate LLC

"Although I have been out of circulation for a while, I will always consider myself to be a lifetime Casinero.  I dearly miss the fun, playfulness, and sense of community that Becky's classes help to create and still find myself dancing in my head and trying to re-enact some of those cool turns.  Her classes are highly recommended if you want to learn Cuban salsa in a relaxed atmosphere where fun takes precedence over regimented stiffness.  Enjoy!!"

- Nef

"I started in [Becky's] Beginners class and was amazed at how quickly I improved.  She has this great teaching style where you learn new steps and turns, but you never feel like you're "in school."  She creates a relaxed vibe in her classroom so it feels more like you're having a great time moving your body - then 75 minutes later you realize just how much you've learned!  Becky is also really knowledgeable about the history of Cuban dance.  I learned a lot from her about the role that dance plays in Cuban society and its importance as a form of expression."

- Ifeolu